Wedding Celebrations made perfect with Rose Petal

Weddings are grand affairs & you want to make sure you’re prepared for the wedding season with the right products. For all the laughter-filled rooms, food sharing, & even tears… you’ll need tissues. Celebrate the wedding season with Rose Petal!

For all large gathering and big celebrations, choose the Rose Petal Occasions Pack! It comes with 400 pulls and is 2ply. Ultra soft and gentle on the skin. The large number of pulls make it ideal for all your big days. So no matter how many guests you have coming to your event, you’ll be covered with Rose Petal Occasions!

Thinking of taking it a step forward and providing your guests with a premium experience while they wait for the dholki to start in your drawing room? Bring in the Rose Petal Luxury pack! 3 ply and ultra-soft, an unmatched experience with a classy black pack with gold roses that will definitely enchant your guests.

Surprise your guests with the Rose Petal Perfumed pack, 2 ply and with a soft scent that makes it incredibly pleasurable to use as you wipe your face. It’s gentle on the skin as you take in the sweet fragrances in this particular pack.

During the wedding season, attention to detail is key, and this extends to the tissues you offer to your guests. Various types of packs are a must for different settings, types of people and of course, your personal preferences! With Rose Petal, you can ensure that your guests are comfortable and cared for throughout the festivities. Add a touch of elegance and softness to your celebration with Rose Petal, and create lasting memories.