Rose Petal launched an all-new campaign #GoSoft!

Life is filled with small moments that we can cherish for a lifetime and even in these moments, some things may go haywire! Our message was simple, even in these quirky moments, remember to always #GoSoft in order to not let the magic of these moments fade away.

The #GoSoft campaign is filled with heart to heart moments between two individuals, be it a father & daughter, two bestfriends, husband & wife, they make sure to never let the moment get ruined as they’ve got Rose Petal!

This campaign aimed to turn softness into a platform and we utilized this occasion to also introduce our new launches into the market which includes Rose Petal Essential, Rose Petal Occasion, and the revamped Rose Petal Perfumed Pack.

We aimed to push the message of softness far and wide while also drawing a strong association with the brand, Rose Petal. It’s simple! We believe that softness should be reflected in our day-to-day relationships and is a key platform for our brand.

So no matter what happens, #GoSoft and cherish each moment!