Top 3 Pakistani hygiene myths debunked

Chai peenay se insaan kala ho jata hai…

Qainchi chalanay se ghar mein laraiyan hoti hain…

Billii guzri, ab zarur kuch bura hoga…

Sound familiar?

You’ve probably heard these and many more desi myths while growing up. Most of these were related to skin colour or marriage or even religion. But do you remember the ones related to cleanliness and hygiene?

Well here are the ones you can finally stop believing in!

Dupattay say muu dry karogay tou bachay kaalay paida hongay

Just one of the usual skin colour related myths that we can stop believing in. Rest assured, your ammi or nani’s dupatta cannot and will not change the colour of your skin! That being said, this myth isn’t entirely off – wiping your face dry with a used, dirty dupatta can create a host of skin problems.

-The germs on the dupatta can lead to breakouts, clogged pores and even infections

-The dyes and chemicals can cause allergic reactions or even dermatitis

-The fabric roughness can cause irritation and harm your skin’s protective barrier

So while a dupatta won’t darken your skin, it’s still not the right thing to use to dry your face. You’re better off using a soft, absorbent facial tissue that’s meant for cleaning your face.

Water on its own is enough to make you clean

We’ve all heard this one. Using a Muslim Shower after using this toilet is enough to make you clean. As with all desi myths, science has debunked this one too! Researchers tested the difference between cleaning with water and cleaning with water & drying with tissue paper. The results proved that just cleaning with water actually INCREASES germs growth by up to 3 times! If you think about it, it makes sense – dampness + dark, closed places are the perfect grounds for bacteria to thrive and grow. In order to avoid that, we need to incorporate drying with tissue paper after using the Muslim Shower. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to start – the comfort that comes from being completely dry is unmatched!

Don’t take a bath on the first 3 days of your period

Now this one is just plain gross. No one knows exactly where this originated from, or even why it’s a myth in the first place. Some say bathing messes with your body’s temperature. Others believe it can weaken your immune system. The only truth is that when you’re on your period, the only thing you need is to be and feel clean. And taking regular baths and showers is an INTEGRAL part of that!