Toilet Hygiene with Maxob

We have spent our entire lives being told the importance of toilet hygiene. Our parents taught us healthy toilet practices like keeping oneself and the toilet clean. Schools held seminars about washing our hands after using the toilet. Even from our early potty training days, we were introduced to the concept of using a Muslim Shower.


But in all these years, one important lesson has evaded us – the need to dry oneself after using a Muslim Shower.

Using a Muslim Shower after using the toilet is an excellent way to keep yourself clean. But on its own, it isn’t enough to keep you germ free. Germs grow and thrive in warm, damp spaces – which is exactly the environment that is created when you don’t dry after washing.

Not drying after using the Muslim Shower can lead to a host of problems:

  1. Itchy bottoms

When germs find warm damp environments, they don’t just stay – they multiply! In fact, germs can grow by up to 3 times in damp areas. As the number of germs on your skin increase, it leaves you more susceptible to rashes and even bacterial infections. When this happens, you will find yourself left with a bottom that just won’t stop itching.


  1. UTIs

You’ve probably heard the myth that wet swimsuits can cause UTIs. While this myth has been debunked, there is a certain amount of truth to it. When moisture is trapped, bacteria spreads at a much more rapid rate – this can result in you developing a UTI!

While you can certainly treat a UTI with home remedies like drinking cranberry juice and taking probiotics, it’s much easier and healthier to just avoid the infection all together by drying after using a Muslim Shower.

  1. Poor Hygiene

There are two things you need to know:

  1. Germs grow in warm damp spaces
  2. Warmer temperatures cause odor-causing bacteria to grow faster

So germs don’t just lead to discomfort. They can make you smell as well. A problem that could be easily resolved by simply drying yourself after using a Muslim Shower


So we’ve established that drying after washing is an essential toilet hygiene habit. But the question remains: what should you use to dry yourself?

This is an easy question to answer: Maxob!

With the power of liquilock technology, using Maxob after using the Muslim Shower can leave your bottom perfectly dry; thus, ensuring that no germs can grow there.

So it’s time to make Maxob a toilet essential and make drying after washing your new toilet hygiene habit!