Rose Petal Facial Range Gets Exciting New Additions!

Rose Petal is proud to introduce new packs to the Rose Petal Facial Range to facilitate its customers by bringing ease and convenience to their lives!

Introducing Rose Petal Essential, a must-have for your day-to-day! A budget-friendly pack that’s available in Rs. 150 with 70 pulls! Place it on the side of your table for all things essential!

Some celebrations ask for something big! Introducing the all-new Rose Petal Occasions pack for all the big celebrations. Be it a house-warming party or a friend’s barbeque night, cousins sleepover or mehndi night! In all those special occasions we’ve got you covered! The Rose Petal Occasions pack has 200 pulls so you get more of the same softness for all occasions.

Finally, your favorite Rose Petal Perfumed Pack is now available in an all-new design to delight your senses! A scented tissue to uplift your mood in an instant!

Shop these new packs today and let the softness of our tissues make all your moments a little bit special.