Prevent 3x germs growth with Maxob

Do you think washing with a Muslim Shower is enough to keep yourself clean & healthy? Think again. Water alone cannot remove all the germs and bacteria that may linger on your skin. In fact, leaving your skin wet can create a moist environment that promotes 3x more germs growth than dry skin. That’s why you need Maxob, the toilet roll that helps you stay dry and germ-free.

What is Maxob?
Maxob is not just any ordinary toilet roll. It is made with Liquilock Technology, a patented innovation that locks in the moisture and prevents 3x germs growth. This way, you can use less tissue and still get a thorough dryness, protecting you from bacteria and germs related diseases.

Why choose Maxob?
Maxob also has a soft and gentle texture that is suitable for all skin types. It does not cause irritation or discomfort, unlike some harsh or rough tissues. By using Maxob, you can prevent 3x germs growth & reduce the risk of infections, rashes, and odors. You can also enjoy a fresh and comfortable feeling after every use. Maxob is the toilet roll that cares for your hygiene and well-being.