Prepare for the Flu Season with Rose Petal Essential

With flu season just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for those inevitable sniffles and sneezes. We’re here to help you by offering you a budget-friendly solution, the all new Rose Petal Essential Pack!

Small and easy to keep right next to your bed side table. 70 pulls in a box with 2 ply so you’re sure to get something super soft for your face whether you’re fighting the flu or feel like you’ll need to prepare for this battle soon!

Besides when you’re under the weather, the last thing you would want is scratchy tissues which cause redness and irritation. Rose Petal is Pakistan’s leading tissue manufacturer with premium quality tissues designed with your comfort in mind. They are incredibly soft and won’t leave your skin feeling irritated. The Rose Petal Essential Pack will be a soothing hug for your nose as it’s gentle on the skin and ensures you stay comfortable as you recover.

So, get preparing! With flu season around the corner, stock up well before time with Rose Petal Essential Pack, truly an essential for all your everyday needs.

Stay prepared, stay cozy, and stay well during the flu season!