Less Oil Healthier you – Benefits of avoiding excess oil with Zzoop

How many times have you sat at the table feeling an urge to satisfy your cravings without thinking of the extra calories? How many times have you had those glistening fried crisps, sitting there in all their crunchy glory, call at you, saying, “Come on, you can have another!” They’re irresistible, right? But that one more comes with guilt. What if you could have another and then some without feeling the weight of those extra calories? What if you could enjoy your favorite fried food in a healthier way? With Zzoop you can! Absorbing excess oil with Zzoop minuses up to 260 kcal by soaking up the extra oil off from your favorites.


Creating healthier food habits is not easy but preparing your own food can make a substantial difference in how many calories you consume, and Zzoop has just the platform to help you with that! Zzoop’s Kareeb Kareeb Tarkeeb is the perfect channel to find delicious and easy recipes that you can prepare at home and enjoy. Some of the recipes include; Crispy Chicken Shots, Grato Jalebi, Bun Kabab, Dynamite Chicken, French Mozzarella Sticks and so much more. You can find local, international and street food recipes on the channel and wouldn’t have to search anymore for innovative ideas on what to prepare for yourself. All you need to do is follow the recipe and relish all these dishes in the comfort of your home, and the best part? You get to enjoy them with up to 260 calories less after absorbing the extra oil with Zzoop.


So when it’s a matter of your well-being; preparing your food at home, trying out healthier fusions and using Zzoop to absorb the extra calories is the smartest choice. Next time you’re craving for your favorite golden crisps, make some, use Zzoop and indulge guilt-free.