Hygiene on the Go Made Easy with Rose Petal Pocket Pack

Food spills or oily skin, avoid the stress and be prepared for it all by carrying a pocket pack!

Rose Petal Pocket pack makes hygiene convenient and simple no matter where you may be or what the situation may be. Pocket tissues are easy-to-carry, handy and versatile. They allow you to stay clean and fresh on the go. Not just that, they are also the perfect tissues to keep in hand bags, simply toss it in your handbag and reach out for it whenever the situation calls for it.


You may not realize but Rose Petal Pocket pack is the perfect travel essential. Whether you’re preparing for a trip up north or embracing the warm hues of the southern region, our pocket pack allows you to travel light and stay stress free. With the pocket pack in your bag, you know at the back of your mind, everything will be fine!


It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. You can carry it anywhere and be the hero in many situations – be it your friend’s milk moustache or your bestie’s smudged eyeliner. Our pocket pack is reliable and cleans all unwanted messes. Each pack contains 8 tissues which are soft and highly absorbent. The pocket pack adheres to Rose Petal’s high standards and is a premium pocket tissue with 3 ply.


Now you can stay hygienic on the go and be prepared at all time. Whether you’re traveling, commuting, or just out and about, you never know when you’ll need to fix your make-up, wipe away sweat, or freshen up after a workout. With the Rose Petal Pocket Pack, you’ll always have a handy tissue within reach.