Healthy Lifestyle Checklist – Category: Tissues!

When you think Pakistans best tissue, what comes to mind? It has to be the every household name, Rose Petal! To ensure we maintain this standard, we’ve put together a healthy lifestyle checklist with our premium quality tissues.

For whenever you’re on the go, Rose Petal Pocket Pack makes hygiene convenient and easy! Pocket tissues are easy-to-carry, handy and versatile. They allow you to stay clean and fresh on the go while also being the perfect tissues to keep in hand bags.

Rose Petal Pop up, a household essential and a must-have in the living room. It’s what everyone loves to use! A basic yet absolutely necessary to maintain facial hygiene.

Zzoop to ensure your food makes it to your stomach, HEALTHIER!

Our kitchen roll, Zzoop has the ability to absorb up to 260 kcal worth of excess oil from your food, reducing calorie intake from oily foods. Simply place Zzoop tissue paper on the surface of fried food, and it will absorb the excess oil, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Finally, when we make it all the way to the bathroom. Don’t forget Maxob!

Bathroom hygiene is imperative for a healthy and infection-free life! With the power of liquilock technology, using Maxob after using the Muslim Shower can leave your bottom perfectly dry; thus, ensuring that no germs can grow there.

So it’s time to make Maxob a toilet essential and make drying after washing your new toilet hygiene habit!

For varying situations, we’ve managed to put together a tissue that meets just that need. With Rose Petal, you can now maintain a healthy checklist with ease!