Fulfil all your household needs with Rose Petal

Fulfil all your household needs with Rose Petal! Premium quality tissue that is ultra-soft, perfect for skin and face. There’s a tissue for every occasion and that’s how we ensure all your varying needs our met through our wide range of tissues!

Rose Petal Pop up goes way back and carries Rose Petal’s legacy. It is a household essential and a total favourite! Place it in your living room for everyone to use.

Expecting cousins and extended family? Rose Petal Deluxe is just the right tissue box for that occasion! With 400 pulls, it’s economical and fulfils all heavy & compulsive tissue consumption needs.

Rose Petal Luxury to compliment the fine artifacts and royal-like furniture in your drawing room. The striking red fits perfectly and has 3 ply tissues so you get only the best and premium quality for all your guests.

Make wiping faces a fun chore by placing Rose Petal multi-color pack in your children’s room. The vibrant blue box will compliment your kids’ room perfectly and encourage them to maintain good hygiene!

Finally, your bathroom is covered with Rose Petal Hand Towel! A disposable hygiene solution for your hand drying needs. Ideal to place near the sink and just the right solution to keep your hands clean! It is safe for frequent use and keeps germs away.

Use Pakistan’s best tissue Rose Petal to meet all your tissue consumption needs.