Fighting SMOG Allergies with Rose Petal’s Soft Tissues

The season of SMOG is upon us and so are the allergies associated with it! You may find yourself sneezing and coughing more than usual due to smog. As your exposure to smog increases, you can expect irritated airways and also increased respiratory infections. Through the itchy noses and rough sneeze patches, you can count on Rose Petal

Rose Petal is a premium quality tissue which offers a unique and comfortable experience in alleviating the symptoms of SMOG-induced allergies. Rose Petal’s Ultra-soft tissues make it easier for you to manage allergies as well as the sneezing and coughing brought about by air pollutants. The soft and gentle texture of Rose Petal’s tissues ensures a soothing experience for your irritated nose. Unlike harsher tissues, these tissues are less likely to exacerbate irritation.

Rose Petal range has various packs including Rose Petal Pop Up for everyday use and Rose Petal Pocket Pack, which is both handy and convenient. You can simply slide it in your back pocket or your bag and take it anywhere with you. This ensures that you have relief readily available in smoggy environments.


You can find comfort in Rose Petal’s softness which allows you to fight through the SMOG season with ease.