Can you lose weight while still enjoying fried food?

We’ve all been there before. Sitting on the dining table, a delicious spread of samosas & pakoras in front of you. Standing in a fast food restaurant, the tantalizing aroma or sizzling fries wafting through the air. Your taste buds wait in anticipation; until you remember – you’re on a weight loss journey! You can’t have fried food!

Or can you? Is it possible for you to enjoy delicious chicken nuggets while still losing weight? Yes, you can!

What does weight loss entail?

Forget Keto. Forget Atkins. Forget intermittent fasting. At the end of the day, weight loss comes down to one thing – eating in a calorie deficit, i.e. burning more calories than you consume. Whether you choose to focus on burning the calories or consuming less calories is up to you. But research has shown time and time again that consuming less calories is much more effective than burning them.


So that means you can’t eat fried food and lose weight at the same time, right?

Why do people avoid fried food when losing weight?

Why fried food? Why not salads? Or eggs? Why is it okay to eat a baked potato but not french fries? It all comes down to the calorie count. A potato fried in oil packs a heavier calorie count than one baked in an oven. Why? Because cooking oil is incredibly high in calories and fat! Making it an unsuitable food choice for someone trying to lose weight.

So how can I lose weight while still enjoying fried food?

As you can see above, it isn’t the actual food that is fattening. It’s the cooking in oil which makes it unsuitable for anyone on a weight loss journey. You have 2 options in front of you: One is to stop using oil altogether. Bake, use an air fryer, or even shallow fry your favourite foods. However, this option isn’t always feasible for those with limited space or finances as these appliances can take a lot of space. Some foods also require frying and can’t be made easily in an oven or air fryer. Those people then refer to option 2. Use Rose Petal Zzoop! A single sheet absorbs up to 260 kcal from fried food, making it the perfect way to enjoy your fried food, guilt-free!